Privacy Policy

We use Open Web Analytics for our analytics. We mostly want this to see how much traffic we're getting just to get an understanding of the size of our audience. This tracker lets us see things like your (partially anonymized) IP address, operating system, web browser, and other boring stuff like whether you came to the site from a search engine or from Twitter or Instagram or wherever. If that sounds like a lot of info, that's the bare minimum of what basically every other website on the planet collects from you if you don't use uBlock Origin or a Javascript blocker. We have no interest in selling your personal data, and don't want to collect anything further.

We use for our mailing list. This means we have your email address, should you provide it. We'll email occasionally when a new issue is out, or when we have something important or interesting to say. We have no interest in selling your email address.

We use Patreon. They store all your payment info.

We use Thirty Bees for our store. Payment info is processed through Stripe. We don't store your credit card info.

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